Snow White and Stupid-Bichon Frise



Bichon Frize is a small but strong white dog, has a lively nature and loves freedom, which can bring endless pleasure to its owner. It has a curly soft coat. With big beautiful eyes and round, looks like the game baby white save it for when still; when in motion, looks like cotton candy, which is very nice.

There are several breeds of the Bichon Frize, namely: Curly Bichon (Mediterranean), Bologna Bichon (Italy), Havana Bichon (Mediterranean Sea). Except for Havana bichon Frize, which has a variety of colors (cream, gold, silver, blue, black), my other bichon Frises coats are white, and the author did not see other colors of Bichon Frize. .

Snow White and Stupid-Bichon Frize

Origin: Mediterranean region

IQ ranking: 45

Initial use: companion dog

Use now: dog companion

Age: 12 ~ 14 years old

Weight: 3 ~ 6kg

Body height: 23 ~ 30cm

Coat color: white

Has a length of less than 30 cm and weighs about 5 kg. Their curly hair is more rounded and brighter than the bear’s eyes. They are dark and have drooping ears. Excellent bear dogs are white, Bologna has longer hair than bear dogs, they are wrapped, sometimes in groups. Their wool is very good and has a silky texture. Havana coat is usually very shiny. Sometimes, some Havana bear dogs have black coats, such as brown ones. The fur of these three bear dogs is not easy to handle. It is not easy to keep it fresh and beautiful, but bathing and combing vigorously is just an essential function.

Snow White and Stupid-Bichon Frize

Compared to the other two types, curly bichon fries are more attentive and easy to keep, and we usually see curly bichon hyperbole. One way to distinguish bichon fries is to judge them based on their personalities. Curly bichon frises have the highest level of loyalty. Bichon frises are more calm and calm, while being strong and Brave is a hallmark of Havana bichon frises.

Curly bichon fries are especially suitable for domestication, they are very close to children, and their small size can make them less demanding on the space of the House. Bichon Frize Bologna is gentle, calm and will stay at home peacefully, and if the owner takes him out for a walk occasionally, he will be very happy. For families with small children, Bichon Bichon Frize may be a good play mate for the baby, but it will not accompany the baby in running and playing. Havana Pichon Friz will not complain even in a small apartment, but the premise is that she has enough exercise, so the owner needs to take it out in order to run regularly.

Although the animal kingdom has not yet come to a complete conclusion about the ancestor of the beagle, the preliminary conclusion is that it should be the offspring of the beagle, the water-soluble hunting dog and the Maltese dog. Which do you prefer the most?


Written by Maicel Jamell

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