What to do if dog hair falls out


A3: preventing pets from hair removal is to reduce trouble from the source. On the one hand, you can feed your pet cat food or dog food or snacks that contain anti-hair loss, on the other hand, you can comb your pets frequently, there are also combs with a needle specializing in the care of people pets. Cut off the old socks and put them at the bottom of the pet comb, and after using them for a while, remove the socks to remove hair and dust in one fell swoop, which is easy and convenient.

A4: adhesive rubber roller is a simple hair removal tool, sold in supermarkets and pet supplies stores. After cleaning the pet hair on the bed and sofa, wash the surface of the rubber tube with soapy water, and it can be reused after drying. You can also use a wide strip instead: cut about 10 cm from the wide strip, wrap the strip around your hands, squeeze the hairy clothes, repeat until the surface of the strip completely loses its adhesion.

Share a good way to reduce dog hair loss

1. Regular cleaning of dog fur helps reduce the accumulation of fur caused by normal metabolism, and can make dog fur stronger and softer. Have you noticed that the forehead that is often hit is very soft and has less hair loss. Cleaning much fur makes the dog very comfortable and full of spirits.

2. Good sun exposure helps keep your dog’s fur healthy. Long-term activity in the room harms the growth of dog fur.

3. Don’t bathe your dog too much in the dry season. Excessive bathing will destroy the natural protective material of his fur, and will also cause a lot of hair to fall out. Even in the spawning season, washing once every three days is already very laborious. Usually, a wet towel can be used to do a simple wipe for dogs that have returned from going out.

4. Minimize taking your dog for walks in grass, bushes, forests and other places, as your dog’s fur is easy to infect with mites, lice, fleas and even intestinal parasites. These will cause hair loss directly. Look for black spots on your body and think about white spots in your stool. If these phenomena occur , take the drug as quickly as possible.

Pay attention to the care of dogs when molting

1. During the molting period of dogs in spring and summer, no special feeding is required, only a normal diet. Only the dog is combed more often than usual, so that the hair falling out of the skin can be combed smoothly. In addition, diligently combing will also promote blood circulation, making the new coat healthier and shiny.

2. During this period of time, repeatedly combing the dog is the first step in household cleaning, it is through combing that the hair falling out of the skin on the comb can be regulated, so that the hair on the sofa or bed sheet will be much less. Moreover, there are many good tools for diving and handling dog hair for you to choose from in the market: electrostatic brush, adhesive paper roll, etc. Even if you comb your dog a lot when changing the dog’s hair, some hair will fall out on your clothes. Or on furniture, you can easily remove hair with these tools. For hair under the bed or in the corners, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner.


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