Can turtle eat strawberries?




A pet lover knows the difficulty in feeding the pet and several things come to mind. There are several things that turtles love to eat, and several things that turtles do not like to eat at all.

Turtle lovers ask different questions regarding feeding them. A most usual question asked is whether they can eat strawberries? They can eat anything, as they have teeth.

Turtles like to eat fruits, and strawberries are their favorite. They love berries and tropical fruit a lot. The fruits that turtles love to eat are bananas, strawberries, etc.


These are tasty, and turtles enjoy eating these fruits. These are good for their health too.

Identifying the types:

Turtles can eat any fruit and vegetable. When bringing a new turtle as a pet, the first thing to do is visiting a vet and asking for a diet. It will help the owner in making a good plan for their turtles. Ask the vet to make a proper diet plan for the turtle and ask if they will eat strawberries or not. The vet will give recommendations according to the species of the turtle.

Vegetables or Strawberries?

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