Can turtle eat strawberries?



A pet lover knows the difficulty in feeding the pet and several things come to mind. There are several things that turtles love to eat, and several things that turtles do not like to eat at all.

Turtle lovers ask different questions regarding feeding them. A most usual question asked is whether they can eat strawberries? They can eat anything, as they have teeth.

Turtles like to eat fruits, and strawberries are their favorite. They love berries and tropical fruit a lot. The fruits that turtles love to eat are bananas, strawberries, etc.

These are tasty, and turtles enjoy eating these fruits. These are good for their health too.

Identifying the types:

Turtles can eat any fruit and vegetable. When bringing a new turtle as a pet, the first thing to do is visiting a vet and asking for a diet. It will help the owner in making a good plan for their turtles. Ask the vet to make a proper diet plan for the turtle and ask if they will eat strawberries or not. The vet will give recommendations according to the species of the turtle.

Vegetables or Strawberries?

Strawberries are best to feed the turtles. These are helpful in the growth of the turtles. What if there are no strawberries in the area? The owner must feed turtles with vegetables. The vegetables are the next option after the fruits. Box turtles will love to eat chunks of squash. Most turtles love to eat plants having leafs. These plants provide essential nutrients for the turtles.

Aquatic plants:

Try adding aquatic plants to turtles’ tanks. Floating plants are best for the turtles, and they love eating them. These plants attract the turtles, and turtles will choose to eat these. There are different plants like frog-bit, etc.

Live animal feed:

Do not worry if there are no strawberries in the area. The turtles also love to eat live animals like snails etc. These are available at any aquarium shop at reasonable prices. The turtles will love to eat them, and they can build their immunity too. The small worms and invertebrates are full of proteins that will help the turtles in growth.

Feeding tank:

Another thing is that strawberries are juicy and create a mess. Use another tank for feeding the turtle for keeping the tank clean. The hygiene will not get affected, and there will be less work for the owner. Moreover, the hygienic environment will help the turtles to grow fast. Try to keep the water warm, so the turtle feels comfortable. Using these techniques, the owner may easily feed strawberries.

Turtles and shyness:

The new turtles feel uncomfortable when someone is around. Even they will not eat strawberries too. Yes, they will not eat the food they love the most. Try to leave them alone when they are going to eat. The turtle will get habitual in the presence of its owner. After a few days, it will become comfortable and will not feel shy.

Food Offerings:

Baby turtles must have to get fed every day. The baby turtles need to eat daily, as they are in their development phase. Adult turtles need food 2-3 times a week only. The strawberries must be a preference as they love eating them.

Turtles can eat everything, but hygiene is being considered necessary. Try to feed strawberries under the recommendation of the vet.

( Source: FurryTips ).
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