Can Turtles eat apples? You Will Admire This!


Hmm, this question seems interesting. Most people keep turtles as pets and are conscious of their diet. Different turtles eat different fruits. Some love to eat fruits and vegetables, while others love to eat living creatures.


Turtles can eat apples, but certain things must be acknowledged while feeding them. Following different ways, the owners of the turtles can fill them.

The apples must be fresh, and there must be no pests inside them. The apples must be clean and uncooked. The cooked apples are not suitable for pet turtles. These precautions will help the turtle in digesting food.

There are no such enzymes in turtles this may cause bloating in their stomach, so the apples must be giving after breaks. Another thing to keep in mind is that apples must be in small pieces.


Any food that is been given to turtles must be clean and hygienic. Make sure that there are no pesticides in fruits to avoid health complications.

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