Can Turtles eat apples? You Will Admire This!

If the turtle gets ill after eating the apple, the owner must go to the vet as soon as possible. The vet will check what the turtle must eat and make a proper diet plan for it. It will be helpful for the pet and its owner.


Feeding apple is not hard, but the only task is to oversee the turtle. The apples must be chop. The small pieces will help in eating and digesting for turtles. Make sure that there are no seeds in apples.

Foods that turtles may eat:

Usually, the same food is given to pets which people eat themselves. Sometimes this act is not healthy and wise. There are a lot of species that and every species has its specifications.

Different turtles need different things.

Painted turtles

These turtles require protein in a large amount at a young age. There are different sources of proteins for these turtles, like snails and other insects and invertebrates, etc. In the adult stage, these turtles may eat several fruits and vegetables as they love having them.


Box turtles:

These turtles are quite easy to feed, as they love to eat almost everything. The main things to be fed include sweet fruits, some vegetables and they also like small insects to eat.

Red-eared sliders:

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