Can Turtles eat apples? You Will Admire This!


Hmm, this question seems interesting. Most people keep turtles as pets and are conscious of their diet. Different turtles eat different fruits. Some love to eat fruits and vegetables, while others love to eat living creatures.

Turtles can eat apples, but certain things must be acknowledged while feeding them. Following different ways, the owners of the turtles can fill them.

The apples must be fresh, and there must be no pests inside them. The apples must be clean and uncooked. The cooked apples are not suitable for pet turtles. These precautions will help the turtle in digesting food.

There are no such enzymes in turtles this may cause bloating in their stomach, so the apples must be giving after breaks. Another thing to keep in mind is that apples must be in small pieces.

Any food that is been given to turtles must be clean and hygienic. Make sure that there are no pesticides in fruits to avoid health complications.

If the turtle gets ill after eating the apple, the owner must go to the vet as soon as possible. The vet will check what the turtle must eat and make a proper diet plan for it. It will be helpful for the pet and its owner.

Feeding apple is not hard, but the only task is to oversee the turtle. The apples must be chop. The small pieces will help in eating and digesting for turtles. Make sure that there are no seeds in apples.

Foods that turtles may eat:

Usually, the same food is given to pets which people eat themselves. Sometimes this act is not healthy and wise. There are a lot of species that and every species has its specifications.

Different turtles need different things.

Painted turtles

These turtles require protein in a large amount at a young age. There are different sources of proteins for these turtles, like snails and other insects and invertebrates, etc. In the adult stage, these turtles may eat several fruits and vegetables as they love having them.

Box turtles:

These turtles are quite easy to feed, as they love to eat almost everything. The main things to be fed include sweet fruits, some vegetables and they also like small insects to eat.

Red-eared sliders:

They love eating worms and insects. The second thing they choose to eat is vegetables.

Russian tortoises:

These tortoises love to eat plants having leaves. Another thing they may like to eat is berries and fresh flowers. The third thing which they may choose is eating insects.


Tips that are important to feed the turtles:

  • Wild turtles, as they are active while times of dawn and dusk, will surely like to eat at these times. Other times include after rain, in mid-day, and at warmer times.
  • Several turtles prefer to eat under shelters like under shrubs and even in water.
  • The food must be under a shade in warmer weather.
  • Try to give the turtles several foods so their immunity may become more efficient.
    The main question was whether to give apples to the turtles or not. It depends upon the age, diversity, and species of the pet.
  • Everything is good when given in the right amount. Try to feed your turtle the things that suit it.


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