Top 6 Rare Exotic Pets And Which Animal To Keep In Your House?

Top 6 Exoctic Pets

The love of keeping animals as pets is a sign that you are a nature lover.

Top exotic pets:

Exotic pets are rare, and only some people keep them in their houses. These pets need dire attention, care, and proper training, they can be life-risking otherwise. There is a special permit required in many countries to keep such pets. The owners try to make sure that these pets as well as people are safe and comfortable.

Bearded dragon:

The bearded dragon is considered in the top 20 most exotic pets in the world. The scientific name for a bearded dragon is pogona and is one of the lizard species. They are basically from Australia and are from a reptile. They can live for 10-15 years and can live either in semi-desert regions, rocky areas, or even in forests. They need proper care and attention if you want to keep them as a pet. If you do not handle them with care they can even bite. But no owner is bitten by beard dragons till now, as they can be super tamed and are really comfortable in their environment.

The Hedgehog:

Top exotic pets include the cute little spiky creature; The Hedgehog. They live from 4-6 years but need proper care. You can feed them with nuts, vegetables, crickets, and small mealworms. They will love to live in small cages. They are super attracted to smells and will respond to unusual scents. If you want to tame them, we recommend you to apply an appealing fragrance over your body. Not only this, hedgehogs are super shy and sensitive.

The Kinkajou:

If you are looking for a mammal that looks like a raccoon then Kinkajou is one of the top exotic pets. It is usually found in rainforests. These look cute but are wild animals, you need to train them wisely otherwise you will get yourself hurt.

They can live for almost 23 years, and their population is not decreasing fast so, they are not endangered species. If you want to take kinkajous as pets then we suggest you have a baby rather than adult kinkajous because adults are difficult to train and can injure you.

The Tarantula:

Some of us are super obsessed with spiders and spider-like species. The Tarantula is one of the hairy spider species having large legs and covered with a beautiful pattern of hair. They are not fatal if they bite and often are friendly. They can crawl all over you, but you can’t tame them. If you have cats and dogs in your home then it’s our advice not to keep tarantulas, as their bite can be fatal for these two.

The Serval:

Want a cat, a jaguar, and a fox? You can have a serval. Servals are cat-like species and mostly found in Africa. They are wild animals but can be tamed after putting in an effort. They can eat frogs, small insects, birds, etc. but we do not suggest you keep them as pets. They love to move freely anywhere so, they are more likely to escape rather than staying at home.

The Squirrel Monkey:

Are you wishing to have a naughty pet at your house? Squirrel monkeys are one of the cutest pets worldwide. They will fight with you, keep you busy, and when raised and trained can play with you. They love to shout, and you won’t get bored after adopting them.

Which animal to keep?

There are several other exotic pets, and one may not forget to add lions to the list. Some people even keep giraffe as a pet, The Slow Loris, The Burmese Python, and The Fennec Fox are the top exotic pets in the world. If you can afford it, then we suggest you hire a wildlife specialist and trainer with pets too. Doing this will help you to make your pet feel more comfortable and easy to go.


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