How To Take Care Of Your Pitbull? 5 Things You Must Know!

Taking Care Of A Pitbull

Taking Care Of Your Pitbull:

If you are willing to have a loyal friend, then make a Pitbull your friend.

Dogs and breeds:

Dogs are nearly the same but are quite different from each other too. Some dogs are wild and fierce while others are small cute minions. Dogs are trained so they know how to live with human friends and their training is different from one another.

Talking about pit bulls, they are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world but if trained properly, they can become the most humble creatures and friendly natured dogs.

How to take care of a Pitbull:

Pitbull’s are considered the fiercest dogs and owners always worry about how to take care of Pitbull. We have gathered some tips and tricks that you may apply and take great care of your dog.

⦁ Knowing the breed:

There are four well-known breeds of Pitbulls, although they belong to the same family but their habits can vary from one and another. American Pitbull Terrier is the first breed, if tamed properly they can become your best companion. This breed is considered dangerous as it is aggressive but can be very polite and playful if it is comfortable.

Staffordshire bull terrier is a medium heightened dog with short hairs. These are also aggressive but can be friendly if provided with a comfortable environment.

American Staffordshire terrier are having body structure like bulls and are also called as Am staffs. These dogs have restless nature and will continuously do something and are up to something.

American Bully dogs are recently formed and considered as companion dogs. They have short legs with hard bull faces, if they are trained wisely when they are puppies then they can be the best dogs ever.

⦁ Comfort level:

Try to ensure that your Pitbulls are comfortable with the environment and they are relaxed. Do not disturb them when they are sleeping or you find that they are not liking your presence at all.

Children often get excited when you bring a dog to the house and want to play with their new friend, but in the first week try to make the dog comfortable and avoid visiting him too often. You might be thinking that if you are leaving your dog alone then how to take care of Pitbull?

Do not worry, your dog will get habitual of you in just a few days but at first, you have to ensure that he is comfortable in the new house.

Pitbulls are considered as aggressive dogs, so to keep them calm make them comfortable with you. Try to relax them and if something is irritating them, take that thing out.

⦁ Socializing:

If you are thinking about how to take care of Pitbull, then the very next thing after making them comfortable is socializing. Bring your dog out in the park and let them socialize with other dogs. Pitbulls are often restless but they can become calm if they will socialize with other dogs and adapt their habits.

Introduce your family members one by one to your dog, play with him, take him out for walk and try to make him comfortable.

⦁ Food and diet:

Make a timetable and feed your dog according to it. It is really necessary to know if your dog feels appetite or not. You can try changing the food to know what your dog likes the most and you can add dog supplements in it too.
If your dog is not eating properly then you must consult a vet before it’s too late.

⦁ Taking great care of hygiene:

If you want your dog to be healthy and active, give it a bath, make him clean, and take the dirt off. There are a few steps that you can follow to take care of your dog:

⦁ Clean his ears after 4 days.
⦁ Trim the nails.
⦁ Brush the coat daily.
⦁ Brush the teeth twice a week.

⦁ Exercise:

Pitbulls are restless in nature as told earlier but if there are extreme weathers and you cannot take them out then how to take care of Pitbull by making it busy. Try to make him walk around the house. Do a little exercise with him. Try playing small games like throwing and catching the ball, jumping, running, etc.

⦁ Visiting Doctor:

If you notice something unusual in your pal, then visit a vet as soon as possible. Tell your vet about the daily routine, differences you felt in your dog, and ask for medications. In vaccination season, make sure that your dog is having a vaccine otherwise it will face any disease. Not only this if you have more than one dog, and one of your dogs is down or you feel some abnormalities, separate it from others so it may not affect others.

Take care of your dog and the dog will take care of you:

Train your dogs properly, be polite to them but if they do anything that cannot be tolerated then tap on their nose and they will catch a signal of what you want to say. Here was a small guide on how to take care of a Pitbull, hope it will be helpful for you and your pet dog.





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