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    Why Any Pet That Loves You Back Is A Good Pet

    Why do things have to be either, or? Can’t there be a third option? A fourth? A fifth? People like to pair dogs and cats against each other. That’s fine. But don’t you think we can love both? If you can love spaghetti and tacos, can’t you love both cats and dogs? Or even other […] More

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    Can Turtles eat apples? You Will Admire This!


    Hmm, this question seems interesting. Most people keep turtles as pets and are conscious of their diet. Different turtles eat different fruits. Some love to eat fruits and vegetables, while others love to eat living creatures. Turtles can eat apples, but certain things must be acknowledged while feeding them. Following different ways, the owners of […] More

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    Can turtle eat strawberries?


      A pet lover knows the difficulty in feeding the pet and several things come to mind. There are several things that turtles love to eat, and several things that turtles do not like to eat at all. Turtle lovers ask different questions regarding feeding them. A most usual question asked is whether they can […] More

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    Can hamsters see at night? What is their reaction in daylight?

    Can Hamster See at Night?

      Rodent species are loved to keep as a pet. There are about 1,500 rodent species in the world. These include different small animals. Hamsters are one of the rodent species. Just like every rodent species, hamsters also love nights and dark. They get super active at night. The question is whether hamsters can see […] More