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    How To Take Care Of Your Pitbull? 5 Things You Must Know!

    Taking Care Of A Pitbull

    Taking Care Of Your Pitbull: If you are willing to have a loyal friend, then make a Pitbull your friend. Dogs and breeds: Dogs are nearly the same but are quite different from each other too. Some dogs are wild and fierce while others are small cute minions. Dogs are trained so they know how […] More

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    What to do if the dog likes hair loss

    Summer is coming again, every summer is the peak period of molt hair of the dog, chooses many owners shave their dogs because of dog hair everywhere in the house, in fact this is not the book. Not a scientific method. If you want to stop letting the dog fall out of his hair, you […] More

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    What to do if dog hair falls out

      A3: preventing pets from hair removal is to reduce trouble from the source. On the one hand, you can feed your pet cat food or dog food or snacks that contain anti-hair loss, on the other hand, you can comb your pets frequently, there are also combs with a needle specializing in the care […] More

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    Snow White and Stupid-Bichon Frise


      Bichon Frize is a small but strong white dog, has a lively nature and loves freedom, which can bring endless pleasure to its owner. It has a curly soft coat. With big beautiful eyes and round, looks like the game baby white save it for when still; when in motion, looks like cotton candy, […] More